Get ready to make a Cleanleap

Hopefully you’re ready – because we sure are.

First, I’d like to start with defining what I mean by a Cleanleap. A Cleanleap is a combination of two concepts: clean technology and leapfrogging. It’s about rapidly jumping ahead in technological development with minimal environmental damage. We leap over environmentally damaging and ineffective technologies and go directly to better ones. To understand the concept better, check out this article.

Our mission is very big but straightforward: we want to help create more Cleanleaps - particularly in the emerging economies of Asia and Africa. The way we’ll do this is by sharing knowledge online from some of the world's most important companies, NGOs, governments, universities and interested citizens in clean technology.

We’re taking this approach based on our founding team’s experience over the past few years. We’ve worked together on other knowledge sharing initiatives for clean energy and we’re hoping to build on the success we’ve had in the past. Its our view that despite the billions spent on global knowledge sharing of clean technology, success has been limited. Some of the reasons include poor use of digital technologies and a lack of engagement with some of the biggest potential contributors to clean technology solutions: people from emerging economies and “techies” from other technology industries, such as information technology.

We’re just getting started and we’re building our team of experts in areas such as renewable energy, food, climate science and building sustainable cities. To make this really work, however, we need people on the ground in the countries that we’re focusing on – particularly in Asia and Africa. So if you’re interested, read this article and then contact us!

We’ll now push the button to launch Cleanleap. We hope you’ll like what you see and can help us make a big impact.

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