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Cleanleap is a social enterprise with a global team of individuals and organisations.  You can join the Cleanleap team too.

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Founding team
Cleanleap team

Founding Team

Sean McClowry


Sean is a founder of Cleanleap and writes on topics such as climate change, energy and information technology.  He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia but was originally born in the US.

Sean is a Partner with Deloitte Digital in Melbourne.  He founded the openmethodology.org and open-sustainability initiatives and was previously head of knowledge sharing at the Global CCS Institute.  Sean has a BS in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Sean has been lucky enough to travel to over 50 countries and  looks forward to more travel in the future - particularly to where we are looking at lots of Cleanleaps.  

Jason Guo


Jason is a Cleanleap founder and manages the technical aspects as well as the visual design of the site. He was previously the lead developer and solutions architect for the clean energy solution website Decarboni.se.

Armed with a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of New South Wales, Jason worked in places from Tibet to Aberdeen, from the land down under to Silicon Valley.

Jason is enthusiastic about clean energy solutions and combating climate change. Based in Canberra Australia, he co-founded XiNG Digital - a web technology company where all development machines are powered by solar energy.

Brian Houston


Brian is a CleanLeap founder and manages the community and social media for the site.  Brian was the community manager for the clean energy solution website Decarboni.se and founded the alternative web community VideoSift. He's also a regular writer for green agriculture site AgInnovators.

Brian grew up in Alaska and received a BA in International Relations from the University of San Diego.  After school, Brian worked for over three years in Asia - learning Japanese in Osaka, Japan. Brian also spent a year in Spain and Mexico and is always looking for a chance to practice either Japanese or Spanish.

Joseph Zhao


Joseph is a Cleanleap founder and key developer of the site. He is also a renewable energy enthusiast and a veteran web developer with over 10 years experience in developing web applications. Joseph was a senior developer of the climate change solution site Decarboni.se and was responsible for developing many of the website's front-end as well as back-end features.

Joseph grew up in China and received a degree in Automatic Control Engineering from Northeastern University in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Joseph also studied computer and telecommunication engineering at the University of Wollongong. Joseph is also a co-founder of XiNG Digital and is based in Canberra, Australia.


Angela McClowry


Angela is a sustainability expert bringing 15 years' experience gained from varied industries such as food, energy, consulting, forestry and horticulture.  Angela completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resources Management) at Deakin University. Angela is currently a Non-Executive Director of Greenfleet, a carbon offset not for profit and recently worked for the Australian Food and Grocery Council managing their 10 year industry sustainability commitment.  

Angela grew up in rural Australia but has expanded her horizons living and working in London and Chicago. This work was backed up with a healthy dose of travel throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and North and South America.   She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.  

Eric Mutei

Eric graduated from Kenyatta University in Kenya, with a bachelors in education as an English Literature major. He is passionate about writing and making sense of the world through words. Currently he lives in Addis Ababa and works as an editor for a major organization there. He also writes for a recruiting company, ethiojobs.com and does poetry too; you can check his blog at ricomutei.wordpress.com. He is passionate about nature and technology and how the two can co-exist without destroying each other.


Boris Bahire Kabeja

Boris graduated from Kigali Independent University in Rwanda, with a bachelors in Economics. Since 2011 he has been active in a world youth-run organization called AIESEC based in 126 countries and territories. He worked as an AIESEC vice-president in charge of finance and administration, through AIESEC he was able to engage the Rwandan youth into community based projects to address issues that are likely to affect the local community and events aiming to promote culture diversity among them, he also developed their leadership potential via AIESEC global network. Apart from that he also worked with a micro-finance institution and does freelance writing.




David Kariuki

David is a graduate with a Bachelor of Technology (Textile engineering) from Moi University, in Kenya where he is living currently. He has worked as a contributor and editor for Resources QuarterlyConstruction Review  and African Mining Brief magazines, covering projects in green energy, construction and mining.

David has experience in research on projects related to clean energy and recycling. He also has a five-year freelance writing experience. Besides, he is a lover of tech and new developments in technology.



Ziki Odotte

Ziki is a science buff with a flair for design. The gods of education having smiled favourably upon her, and thanks to her mother's tireless ingenuity, she was bequeathed with a degree in Computer Science, from University of Nairobi. After continued attempts to distill the world into algorithms she found herself, rather by accident, entwined in the environmental sustainability affairs of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) albeit in a technical capacity.

Through her sojourn there she became well versed in the consequences of viewing development and sustainability as polar opposites. She saw how Africa is uniquely positioned to find its place in the developed world having the knowledge to sidestep some of the sustainability pitfalls experienced by her forerunners. Ziki’s current interest (read obsession) is on food - producing and distributing it safely, equitably and sustainably.