Drones, balloons or satellites - which one will lead to $300 Billion in growth?

A recent article from the Economist says getting the digital economy going for many countries is about addressing “friction points”.  Friction points are what holds a country back from achieving a digital economy -  things like slow internet connectivity, intellectual property protection issues and the lack of press freedom.   The underlying analysis (which was conducted by Boston Consulting Group) took over 50 measurements that were grouped into four “4 I’s” – infrastructure, individual, information and industry.  Of the four, infrastructure was considered the most important factor to attain a thriving digital economy. Not surprisingly, many of the countries that we focus on for Cleanleap are ranked poorly on the list and infrastructure issues are a big part of it.  The good news is the upside to addressing their issues is tremendous and there is work underway that could allow us to leapfrog to a next generation network run by balloons, solar-powered drones or satellites.

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