Community Guidelines

To ensure a positive experience for yourself and the other members of our community on Cleanleap, please abide by our community guidelines:

  1. Be respectful and civil to other community members and guests, even in disagreement. 
  2. Abide by appropriate copyright practices in relation to any information you put on this site
  3. Do not post vulgar, profane, or sexually graphic content.
  4. Do not post threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, or obscene content.
  5. Posting self-promotion is allowed (to a point) but do not conduct excessive commercial solicitation and do not spam site users.   
  6. Declare any conflicts of interest in commercial discussions.
  7. Do not divulge the personal details of other community members.
  8. Please note that the views expressed by community members on the site do not necessarily reflect those of our company.
  9. Be mindful this is a global community, with a particular focus on countries where English is often not the first language  and where there may be particular sensitivities to the topics being discussed in that country.  
  10. Please focus discussions on solutions to climate change or other relevant topics as that is the mission of Cleanleap.  Although we don’t expect everyone to share the same view, our experience is that excessive denial of climate change is a distraction to the goals of our community to focus on solutions.  There are plenty of sites for debating whether anthropogenic climate change is real, but this is not one of them.   It is, however, a place to debate the best approach to solving the issues.


If you notice any comments or other content that you think violates these guidelines, please get in touch with us and we will review it. 


We reserve the right to remove any material that does not (in our judgment) comply with these standards and to revoke posting privileges at our discretion. Comments that violate the spirit of these guidelines may be removed (or, if pre-moderated may not be published in the first place).  We will typically remove a complete post even if only part of the post was offensive.