East Africa will soon get its largest wind power project - the Lake Turkana Wind farm

The Lake Turkanka Wind Power farm will occupy 40,000 acres of land - a scale not seen before in East Africa for wind projects, credit LTWP

Mobilizing support from private entities into renewable energy generation in Africa has always been a challenge as the investors shy away from spending on technologies and projects with uncertain returns. This has had a big impact on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are related to power/energy generation. Research also shows that many African governments have struggled through wobbling regulatory frameworks, improper governance, and poor business models, all which discourage private investors. But that is bound to change, given that many governments are reorganizing structures in order to fuel development.

When its turbines turn on in 2016, Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) farm is expected to give off a total of 330MW to help in Kenya's agenda to generate 5000MW of power by 2016. The country is expecting the demand of power to reach 5,338 MW (on a fast-tracked development situation) in 2018 and 18,000MW by year 2030, and the government is seeking an installed capacity of 7,568MW in the same year. The country will be banking on the massive wind power plant to generate more power although a balance of 400MW would have to be imported from Ethiopia. Without such massive power projects, Kenya would need to import about a half of the power demanded in 2019 and over a quarter to meet the 2029 target.Construction of the wind power plant kicked off in January this year and Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd told Cleanleap today that the project is on schedule.    


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