Off Grid Solar Market Report 2018

Image: Solar Power Ghana John Deyegbe/Resolution Ltd

The World Banks Lighting Global Program, Dalberg Advisors and GOGLA (Global Off Grid Lighting Association) have launched number four of its bi-annual publication  – an in-depth analysis of the trends of the global off grid solar (OGS) power market. The report examines an expanding market that is helping developing countries make a 'cleanleap' from fossil fuel based electricity to using renewable energy from the sun.

The key driving force behind this initiative is that that around 1 billion people lack access to the power grid and another 1 billion people don't have access to reliable electricity. Big savings can be made with households moving from kerosene/fossil fuels and conventional batteries to OGS, with the report showing savings globally of USD 5.2 billion. Coupled with the financial savings are the greenhouse gases avoided being reported as 28.6 million tons of CO2e. But the biggest impacts that are made through the improvement in quality of life for people now having access to things most people take for granted such as lighting, refrigeration and communication devices.

Some of the key highlights from the report:

  • Increasing interest and commitments from investors with over 500 million USD raised since 2016.
  • Many people who are classified as connected to grid infrastructure are receiving inadequate and/or unreliable power.
  • Improved health reported by 45 per cent of OGS users who previously used kerosene.
  • For the market to reach its potential more than 5 billion USD in investment will be needed by the sector over the next 5 years.

Examples from Cleanleap

At Cleanleap we are excited to be witnessing the continued growth in the off-grid solar market, some examples from across Africa: