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11/09/2015 - 14:19

A common characteristic of informal settlements in Cameroon is the lack of indoor lighting during the day. To carry out any productive activities, households have to turn on the lights – for those who can afford electricity - or use kerosene lamps or candles adding to their electricity consumption and accompanying energy-related expenses as well as indoor air pollution. This gadget is an innovative passive lighting technology based on a transparent plastic bottle filled with clean water. It is fitted into the corrugated iron roofs of houses without ceilings.

10/12/2015 - 14:25

Sac-marmite is an insulated bag into which the food in a pot heated on a stove, continues to cook, while the stove is no longer in use. It is made from poly-cotton fabric and polystyrene balls, rice peels or cotton as an insulator. People can cook anything from meaty stews or vegetable curries to simple rice and soups. Cooking with sac-marmite is easy and simple.