ICT solutions: in action

There is much talk and many studies of how ICT can make a big impact on energy efficiency, but it only truly comes alive when looking at actual examples.

These examples have been chosen not only to illustrate ICT in action, but also to show the variety of solutions. They are grouped around three themes: smart buildings, smart grid, and smart logistics. The three themes are each introduced to give context to why the case studies have been chosen. The case studies are formed around projects undertaken by companies with innovative technologies. These companies have been chosen to illustrate the point; but in no way should their inclusion as case studies be seen as constituting the provision of any kind of recommendation or validation of these companies.

What has become apparent in doing this study is that the evidence "bank" on ICT solutions in energy efficiency is still relatively limited. This phase of innovation is still in its infancy. There are many interesting developments and pilot projects, but we are some way short of a treasure trove of large-scale projects with multiple-year track records, with precise and auditable costs/benefits. As such, cost comparisons were not available for some case studies included in this report, which relies on primary interviews and information available in the public realm.

This report is not a comprehensive look at global deployment of ICT but offers examples of technologies and projects being deployed in a variety of settings. This report is not intended to be biased for any region or country, but provides more examples of solutions in the developed world because of the limited amount of information available on examples of deployed ICT for energy efficiency in the developing world. However, the technologies were chosen because of their applicability in a variety of socioeconomic and geographical locations.