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Croton plant offers some hope for biofuel enthusiasts

The Croton tree, which is commonly known as Mukinduri in Eastern and Central part of Kenya, is now a good known source of biofuels and that is being practiced. It grows in a challenging environment and unlike jatropha and palm, it won't bring food and fuel competition. It has no chemical additives and burns cleaner than traditional diesel fuel, with no sulfuric content. It can save our environment from carbon emissions and help in better land usage.

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Biofuels, their benefits and challenges for developing countries

Biofuels can help developing countries reduce carbon emissions, reduce over dependence on fossil fuels and increase energy security. However, this alternative must be pursued with care to reduce possibility of environmental degradation, deforestation, food shortages and high food prices. One way is to pursue second generation feedstocks. Limiting use of some food crops in biofuel production and mapping out areas for biofuel crop production can also prove helpful.

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Life made easy by mobile money

Mobile money transactions are on the rise in Uganda, making it easy and safe for millions of Ugandans to save time as they go about their daily business. In Uganda, as in most developing countries where the reach of banking infrastructure is severely limited, this is a big deal. This is an efficient service reaching more people faster and cheaper.

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