BRCK - The Magic Box - A cleanleap device Made for Africa

There is some oddness, a sense of remoteness that comes up when technology and Africa are used in the same sentence. It is like thinking of a rainforest at the heart of the Sahara or Kalahari Desert. However, at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, a team of software developers, engineers, and technologists are rewriting the story of Africa from remoteness and oddness to possibilities. BRCK is a device seeking to solve problems of electricity, internet connections, problems that are eminent in both rural and urban areas in Africa. 

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3 ways we'll leapfrog distance and reduce climate change

The tyranny of distance is a term from an Australian history book that refers to the vast geographic gulf that separates humanity.  It’s ironic that although the Internet brings us all together in some ways, we feel even more keenly the physical gaps that separate us from each other.   

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Help us build a Cleanleap future

- Are you a science communicator, blogger or writer living in Asia or Africa? 

- Do you know about or are you connected to some interesting clean energy, food science or sustainability projects in your area of the world?

- Can you commit to writing at least one article per week?

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