Renewable Energy Indicators 2013

1 Capacity data are as of the beginning of 2004; other data, such as investment and biofuels production, cover the full year. Numbers are estimates, based on best available information.

2 Investment data are from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and include all biomass, geothermal, and wind generation projects of more than 1 MW; all hydro projects of between 1 and 50 MW; all solar power projects, with those less than 1 MW estimated separately and referred to as small-scale projects or small distributed capacity; all ocean energy projects; and all biofuel projects with an annual production capacity of 1 million litres or more. BNEF estimates that, including the unreported investments in hydropower projects >50 MW, total new investment in renewable power and fuels was at least USD 249.4 billion in 2013.

3 The GSR 2013 reported a global total of 990 GW of hydropower capacity at the end of 2012; this figure has been revised downward due to better data availability. Data do not include pumped storage.

4 Solar hot water capacity data include water collectors only; including air collectors, estimated totals are 283.4 GW for 2012 and 330 GW for 2013. The number for 2013 is a preliminary estimate. Note that past editions of this table have not considered unglazed water collectors.

5 Biofuel mandates include policies at the national or state/provincial level that are listed both under the biofuels obligation/mandate column in Table 3 (Renewable Energy Support Policies) and in Reference Table R18 (National and State/Provincial Biofuel Blend Mandates). Numbers in the table do not include individual state/ provincial mandates. The 10 countries identified with biofuels mandates in the "Start 2004" column were actually in place as of early 2005, the earliest year for which data are available.

Note: Renewable power capacity (including and not including hydropower) and hydropower capacity data are rounded to nearest 5 GW; other capacity numbers are rounded to nearest 1 GW except for global investment, numbers <15, and biofuels, which are rounded to one decimal point. Policy data for 2013 include all countries identified as of early 2014.