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Page 18 Ethanol fuel plant at the countryside shutterstock

Page 18 Green mountain /shutterstock

Page 18 Tidal power generation /shutterstock

Page 19 Photovoltaic cells/shutterstock

Page 19 Wind power, Netherlands/shutterstock

Page 27 Galizia, Spain /shutterstock

Page 29 City Train in Frankfurt, Germany/Art Konovalov

Page 29 Electric car to rent, Brussels /Artens

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Page 37 Biofuel factory /Aigars Reinholds

Page 40 Geothermal power station in northern Iceland /shutterstock

Page 44 Dam, Vietnam/Duc Den Thui

Page 49 Solar power station /shutterstock

Page 52 Solar thermal electric generating plant shutterstock

Page 55 Vacuum solar water heating system /shutterstock

Page 57 Aerial view of a wind farm /B. Brown

Page 58 Offshore Windfarm, Denmark/V. Schlichting

Page 61 Aragon, Spain /Pedrosala, shutterstock

Page 62 Workers install solar panels, California, USA /Spirit of America

Page 71 Kartell small hydro power plant in St. Anton, Austria /VOITH

Page 72 Construction of aerogenerator, Czech Republic/shutterstock

Page 73 New family homes with solar panels on the roof /shutterstock

Page 76 Wind Turbine on Lantau Island /shutterstock

Page 82 Residential photovoltaic solar system /Mana Photo

Page 83 SWH /Alexander Tihonov

Page 85 Free Recharging Station /shutterstock

Page 87 Solar panels on the roof of administrative building/Mik Lav

Page 88 New London Routemaster, April 5, 2014, London /Ron Ellis

Page 93 Offgrid Solar India/UNWTO

Page 94 Bar Zimbabwe /Phaesun

Page 95 Cookstove /Himalayanstove

Page 96 M ini grid, Kenya/Practical Action

Page 97 Man with solar cooker, Zanskar, Ladakh, India/Falk

Page 98 Lighting /EnDev Page 99 DRE Solar-Wind /Phaesun

Page 101 Wind power plants at Thar desert, India/shutterstock

Page 102 Solar paneled covered parking, Arizona /Tim Roberts

Page 103 High voltage electricity pillars in desert /Protasov AN

Page 104 Wind turbine with clouds /shutterstock


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