The solar singularity: 5 ways new technology is devouring the old

Renewables, new players and global solutions

Coming full circle on this issue, although solar energy is a fairly small part of the mix today that’s rapidly changing.  Other technologies will play a role as well - particularly hydropower and wind - but the future energy mix is definitely being decarbonized.  

The influencers around energy are changing. The world’s biggest coal companies have seen their stock prices plummet and technology companies such as Tesla, Google and Apple are influencing the future of energy in a way we haven’t seen since the transportation industry - through the automobile and the airplane - shaped much of the power sector in place today.

For our Cleanleap countries this is all good news.  The game is being reset just as their demands for energy are rapidly increasing.   As we’re seeing in places like China, India and Kenya it will also be many of these countries that will lead the way.


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