This publication documents the results of an analysis of past efforts by the Asian Development Bank to support energy efficiency interventions across multiple sectors in its developing member countries. The report also includes an overview of energy efficiency policy and programmatic approaches in Asia and other regions throughout the world.

This publication was a product of team work, led by Aiming Zhou, Senior Energy Specialist, Sustainable Infrastructure Division, Regional and Sustainable Development Department (RSDD), with support and guidance from Anthony Jude, Senior Advisor and Practice Leader (Energy), RSDD; Ashok Bhargava, Director, Energy Division, East Asia Department; Gil-Hong Kim, Director, Sustainable Infrastructure Division, RSDD; Pil-Bae Song (retired), then Senior Advisor and Practice Leader (Energy), RSDD; Robert Guild, Director, Transport, Energy and Natural Resources Division, Pacific Department; Rune Stroem, Director, Energy Division, Central and West Asia Department; Yongping Zhai, Director, Energy Division, South Asia Department; WooChong Um, Deputy Director General, RSDD; and S. Chander, Director General, RSDD (concurrently Chief Compliance Officer). Other individuals interviewed for this report are listed in Appendix 4.

We also thank colleagues in the Energy Community of Practice (of ADB) for their comments on the report, and extend additional thanks to Peter Du Pont, Carina Paton, Kristen Hughes, and Alex Ablaza for their contributions.