2. Energy Consumption for Transport

In 2010, land, air and sea transport together accounted for around 26% of total final energy consumption, down from around 27% in 2000.8 The energy consumption for transport increased by 1.9% per year between 2000 and 2010, increasing from 79.5 EJ to 96.3 EJ in 2010 (Figure 2.1) (IEA, 2013a).

Energy consumption in the transport sector is dominated by road transport, which accounted for 76% of total transport demand in 2010. Aviation accounted for 11% of energy consumption in the transport sector in 2010, with 62% of this consumption coming from international aviation, up from 52% in 2000. Sea transport also accounted for around 11% of total transport consumption in 2010, up from 10% in 2000.

8 The statistical convention is that the energy used for pipelines is also included under transport. However, because this does not relate to the conveyance of people or goods from one point to another it is excluded from the analysis in this report.