Help us build a Cleanleap future

  • Are you a science communicator, blogger or writer living in Asia or Africa? 
  • Do you know about or are you connected to some interesting clean energy, food science or sustainability projects in your area of the world?
  • Can you commit to writing at least one article per week?

Cleanleap is a website about "clean leapfrogging" – jumping ahead in technological development with minimal environmental damage.  We provide a space for companies, NGOs, governments, universities and interested citizens to come together and share information on clean leaps happening in their regions.  Our audience is global but with a focus on Asia and Africa.  

As we've just launched, we're looking  for regional contributors to write regular articles on Cleanleap.  We will pay you for your writing, and it's also a great opportunity to promote work that is happening where you live.  Here is what we're looking for in our writers:

  • Good knowledge of local sustainability projects in your area, and a willingness to find out more information
  • Good command of written English (doesn't need to be perfect- we will edit)
  • Ability to take pictures of projects or technology and submit them with your writing
  • Ability to commit to writing 400-800 word posts on an agreed periodic schedule
  • Knowledge of academic papers or other resources that relate to your topics

If this sounds like a good opportunity to you, this is what we have to offer:

  • Money - we will pay you on a monthly basis for the articles we publish
  • Exposure - we can bring projects happening in your country to a large global audience
  • Personal exposure - we will list you on our Cleanleap staff page
  • Get in on the ground floor on a new global start up looking to make a big splash!

Get in contact with us by using the contact form here.  Here's what you should include:

  • Brief bio of your experience, work history and areas of intererst
  • A sample of your writing (paste or external link)
  • Links to projects, sites or other areas that you have written about, are connected with - or would like to write about

I hope we hear from you soon!