The African Clean Energy Race: Kenya vs. Ethiopia

Hydropower: running in different directions

Hydropower is one area I haven’t touched on yet.  Today, hydro represents almost all of the installed power generation based in Ethiopia and about half that in Kenya, but the countries are taking different directions for the future.  It appears that Kenya will reduce hydropower in its energy mix over time while Ethiopia is looking to implement major hydropower project and utilise more of its abundant hydropower resources.  Kenya is just one of the countries that is considered on what the development of Ethiopia’s Gibe III Dam could mean for them and this report highlights the many potential issues.

An artistic rendition of the Gibe III Dam

An artistic rendition of the Gibe III Dam, Credit: Wikimedia

Hydropower provides carbon-free, reliable energy in massive amounts in many countries around the world.  It can also pose huge issues in the local environment and even in neighboring countries.   As we have mentioned in other articles, we consider hydropower to be a Cleanleap technology if implemented to appropriate standards and safeguards and its proper implementation in developing countries is absolutely critical.

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