The Africa Food Prize - Helping Small Farmers

Image credit: Photo by Mohammad Yearuzzaman on Unsplash

The Africa Food Prize is an annual monetary prize of $100,000 given to an organization, or individuals who are making a real difference to African agriculture. It is paramount that farming in Africa thrives as both a business and an opportunity to boost the economy and provide employment possibilities. The prize encourages the use of technology and innovation in food production and looks to make an improvement to food security.

The 2017 winners

Last years winners of the prize won for a valuable contribution to small farmers. They gave farmers the access to high quality seeds and improved the nutritional value of food for the community. Professor Ruth Oniang’o from Kenya and Ms Maïmouna Sidibe Coulibaly from Mali worked together in order to improve the yield from seeds by up to 40%. They work with women’s groups in the community to exchange traditional vegetable seeds and champion nutrition. From managu, to mitoo and pumpkins, these superfood seeds are valuable to the diet and help to ward off disease.

The 2018 prize

The 2018 prize is open to any organization, associations, institutions, government body or individuals whose work has made a difference to Africa, either as a whole, or regionally over the past few years. The prize committee are looking for nominees that have made a contribution towards reducing hunger in Africa and improving the nutrition and food security of the people. They should be encouraging change and looking to the future with new ideas. It is important to help the food and farming industry, particularly in the poorest areas of Africa. You can complete a nomination form and apply on the Africa Food Prize website by 18th May 2018.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future, the money invested into the Africa Food Prize has gone on to help further generations of families. Ten years ago, one of the winners, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina helped transform village shops in Africa, to become agro-dealers, contributing towards the farming communities. This helped boost regional nutrition and made a real difference to the lives of the workers, villagers and farmers. Over the past 10 years, the prize laureates have continued to invest money, time and effort into Africa. 

The Africa Food Prize is about giving recognition to groups and individuals that are changing the country for the better. It has made a real positive impact on food production and sharing ideas and new technology.