Africa’s rollout of Digital TV and what it means for the environment

Africa’s Digital TV Migration - Is it a CleanLeap?

The pros and cons of increasing digital transmission is a complex problem. On one hand, greater deployment of digital technology will lead to an increase in the number of devices and therefore greater strain on the resources to produce the technology as well as greater energy demand. At the same these are critical elements to increasing economic productivity. A real Cleanleap will be when we get new and greater proliferation of technology with a lower overall environmental impact – this means more sustainably created endpoint devices, energy efficiency and an energy infrastructure powered primarily by renewables. If all brought together – and it looks like it will be – the initiatives will provide the foundation for the rollout of new advanced digital TV networks and a number of other technologies for better connectivity. It won’t just be able more people watching Game of Thrones; it will be about connecting hundreds of millions of people into the global economy.