7 great commercials about the environment

4. Back to the start

This delightful animation brings awareness to the problems associated with factory farming.  A traditional farmer has his farm slowly morph into an automated monstrosity.  The video ends on an uplifting note when the farmer goes back to his old-school methods.  Factory farms and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) produce huge amounts of pollution in the form of animal waste.  Most of which resides in enormous "poo lagoons".  People who have their homes near these lagoons breathe in harmful gases like hydrogen sulfide that can be harmful even in small amounts. 

3. Sounds of Solar

We don't usually think about all of the individual appliances and gizmos that are constantly consuming electricity.  This incredibly upbeat commercial from solar energy company Sunrun gets the idea across that all of these appliances can run off solar panels.  It's a simple message but it works!

READ ON: Our number 2 video is a downer, but our number 1 selection will take you on an unbelievable journey.