Food Growing Up

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Attributed to King Nebuchadnezzar II and described by writers of the time as a pensile paradise. Resembling large green mountains constructed of mud bricks; these gardens were the pride of the ancient Babylonians. Legend has it that the King created the gardens for his queen who missed the green hills and valleys of her homeland. Who would have thought that this gesture of affection would set the trend for modern agriculture today? Vertical farming, the act of growing food in high-rise buildings, could change the way we produce food in the future.

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Water's role in a developing country's journey to sustainability

Tony Weber is an Associate at BMT WBM with over 25 years experience in the water industry. In his role, Tony has focussed on improving the management of stormwater, river basins and environmental management across the world, with a particular focus on the UK, Australia and China. Lindsey Beck recently interviewed Tony for Cleanleap to get his perspective on water’s role in a developing country’s journey to sustainability.


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Water - its role in a Cleanleap

Water is one of the great human challenges of our time. As an essential resource for human life, it is staggering that so much of the world should exist without the basic potable water and sanitation services that we know in the developed world. Making a Cleanleap in urban water management practices could facilitate greater access to water for millions of existing city dwellers in developing countries.

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