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Monitoring Household Connectivity to the National Grids through Geospatial Technology: World Bank’s Electricity Access Tracking Tool

The World Bank's Main Grid Connectivity-Mapping Tool is a an approach that can be used ot clearly understand electricty capabilities in an area at a granalar level.  As companies take a cleanleap to being powered by solar, it is a way of routing their solar energy inventory to spaces where there is low connectivity.

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Tanzanian innovator rises to solve water sanitation problems

A local entreprenuer in Tanzania has devised a solution that seeks to eliminate all the problems associated with unsafe/unclean water and sanitation. It will help locals avoid related diseases. What's more is that his solution is low-cost and requires no power compared to other water treatment technologies. It is also made from local materials, recyclable, and versatile in that it can be tailored to treat water in vartually any location/area. The nano-filter combines nano-filtration technologies with sand-based water filtration techniques. It has already been rolled out in the market and is gaining ground. 


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Sustainable Waste Management in Africa

In African countries experiencing economic growth, increased population and rapid urbanization– waste management has become a constant thorn in their sides.  Aided by the rejection of common waste management practices by environmental lobbyists due to the dire negative impact on the environment, this has made the disposal of waste more difficult.

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