Image Credit: Lindsey Beck

What's a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is defined as an organisation or venture that advances its primary social or environmental mission using business methods.

The success of a social enterprise is usually expressed in how well they met their social, cultural or environmental goals, as well as their financial sustainability. Social enterprises are focused on providing community or environmental benefit rather than just financial gain.

How does Cleanleap contribute as a social enterprise?

The purpose of Cleanleap is to share clean technology insights in emerging economies. Cleanleap was started by a group of clean technology enthusiasts who feel that sharing knowledge is the most important way to solve climate change and environmental problems.

The goal behind Cleanleap is to assist developing countries, in particular Africa and Asia, to overcome environmental and health issues, through advancement of new technology or processes. This provides a dual benefit of providing ways and means to advance their economy, whilst alleviating some of the current or future damage posed by more polluting technologies.

Some of the ways which Cleanleap demonstrates this contribution:

  • Our publicly stated mission is to provide social and environmental benefit.
  • Our aim is to engage writers on the ground in Africa and Asia, with the majority of funds being diverted to employ writers from emerging economies.
  • We seek out new technology and processes that have been developed in emerging economies to showcase them on a global stage.
  • We engage with not-for-profits and NGOs to assist them in getting their reports/information out to a global audience via our advanced digital platform. 
  • We support the use of renewable energy - through developers who are powered by solar energy and hosted by Rackspace who run on 35% renewable energy.
  • We pay a fair fee for blog posts, and help cover the costs of transferring the money.