Where are we at with renewable energy?

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REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report provides the state of play for renewable energy around the world.  It is a comprehensive report but also a straightforward read to understand where we are at in terms of deployment of renewables.  I've highlighted some of the key sections to read in relation to emerging economies around the status of deployment distributed power and financial spend.

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China wind energy outlook

China dominates the world of wind energy manufacturing (turbines) and output.  In 2014 China installed over half of all the wind capacity on the Earth.  To most eyes, China is racing against time to replace polluting coal and fossil fuel infrastructure with clean wind and solar power.  

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Using lean data to improve the solar power sector

Many companies use traditional methods to measure the impact of solar power investments such as quoting the many dollars invested, number of people using their kits and areas covered by their product, which are inadequate tools for measuring social impact for solar power investments if we have to get it right. Traditional approaches of gathering data are not only expensive, take time to give results and complicated to use, but are also not helpful in terms of boosting solar power funding. The lean data approach proposed by Acumen could, not only bridge solar power funding gaps in developing worlds, but will also help companies to understand emerging markets.  

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