Availability of reliable, low-cost energy is the cornerstone of economic development and is a primary limiting factor for many developing countries.  We share knowledge on an energy sector which is undergoing massive change with new technologies that will provide cheaper, more accessible and cleaner energy.

These amazing graphs show what's really happening with the oil crash

In the United States, petrol has fallen to less than $2 per gallon (53 cents per liter) for the first time in 5 years.  Analysts point to many different reasons for the the crash in crude oil prices (and the subsequent drop in petrol) but these beautiful graphs lay out the reason in a clear format that's easy to understand.  

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The new great walls: a guide to China's overseas dam industry

In the rollout of new hydropower projects around the world no one is playing a bigger role than China.  5 of the 10 biggest hydroelectric power stations in the world are in China and Chinese companies are working on hundreds of projects in other countries.  The role China is playing doesn’t just apply to engineering, Chinese banks are filling the gap of traditional funders such as the World Bank.  

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