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Hydropower - made in China

A debate that focuses only on fossil vs wind / solar oversimplifies the energy sector and discounts the drivers for why countries make energy decisions– namely available resources, energy security and existing capital investments. One result of this shortsighted view is that hydropower is often left out of the discussion. As our mission at Cleanleap is to share knowledge on clean technology in emerging economies so projects are deployed more effectively we think its important to focus on hydro.

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WWF: How To Close The Emissions Abyss

WWF International recently launched a report Crossing the Divide: How to Close the Emissions Abyss to coincide with discussions by UN climate negotiators, focusing on emissions reductions in the pre-2020 period. The report highlights the ‘gigatonne gap’ of emissions reductions needed to meet 2020 commitments. In the report, national contacts in various developed and developing countries provide an analysis of the current situation on energy and climate change, and then provide ways their governments could do more to close the emissions gap

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The solar singularity: 5 ways new technology is devouring the old

Huge increases in energy demand and the quest to find low-emission energy to avoid damaging the climate has changed everything.  It’s taken a while but it looks like a global transformation in energy is fully underway in the form of a roll out of solar energy.  20 years ago the problem for solar was whether the technology would work at all.  10 years ago it looked like the cost might be insurmountable.   For the solar singularity to happen there are really only two major issues and they are being resolved now.    

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